Razer’s Hammerhead wireless earbuds for gamers look like black

Razer's Hammerhead wireless earbuds for gamers look like black

Have you ever used wireless headphones while gaming on Android? If so, you’ve likely experienced latency. But Razer hopes to solve that issue.

Razer’s new $99 Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds are, as one would expect, truly wireless earbuds – a first for Razer. And their flagship feature is that they reduce latency to 60ms once a “Gaming Mode” in its app for iOS and Android. Razer said it’s using a custom version of Bluetooth 5.0 to enable this feature to work while also maintaining audio quality and preserving battery life.

To turn on Gaming Mode, just tap three times on the Hammerhead earbud.


The Hammerhead True Wireless look similar to the AirPods, only they’re black, and unlike the AirPod Pros, they don’t have ear tips. Once out of the case, which charges via USB-C, they sit in your ears, so they’re probably not best for workouts or situations with a lot of external noise. That said, they do offer IPX4 water resistance and three hours of use per charge (the case offers four recharges).

These earbuds let you change songs, answer calls, and activate your preferred voice assistant, etc, plus there are touch controls on the earbuds,. But, if you want to change the volume, you’ll have to do it from your phone.

The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless are available to buy now at Razer.

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