Best Mixer Shaker for Painting Wargames Miniatures: Vortex


Tired of dried and clumpy paints? This Heavy-duty paint mixer is fun AF, and makes short work of most miniature paint clogs! Get yours here: Here’s my list of the top hobby supplies that I use literally every day ➡️
🔥 Hobby Table: ultrasonic model cleaner
Overhead Triple Bright Lamp (I use two)
smaller Ultrasonic cleaner
Dx Racer Chair
Gunnar Glasses Protect From Harmful Blue Light
Purple Pad makes any chair better
Ott Light Portable Light with No Clamps
Print your own Bits with this dope 3d Printer:
Anycubic photon S 3D printer is magic for minis
Masters Airbrush Spray Booth With LED Lights:
Indoor Filters For Spray Booth
Heavy-duty paint mixer is fun AF:
Amazon 11×17 Poster Frame 2 Pack for starter box inserts:
Adjustable TV Tray Table is perfect for hobbying: XL version

For Streaming
Laptop We Use:
Elite 65T Earbuds

Want to open a game store? Read this first!
This one will be a big help too

Hobby Supplies
15ml Dropper Bottles
30ml Dropper Bottles (for contrast and large pots)
Shoe Holder For Spray Cans
Matte Coat In Any Conditions Testors Lusterless Spray
plastic putty for gap filling
Tamiya Extra-Thin Cement Quick-Setting:
Testors Liquid Cement For Plastics:
Selfie Light for Miniatures
Hobby Miniature Holder-
Cheesecloth for making Camo cloaks
Testors Easy Lift Off Stripper (ELO)
Metallic Sharpie Markers For Painting
Apply decals like a pro:
Wet Pallet (small)
Vallejo Chipping Medium
Shapers Brushes for filling gaps with putties
Mr. Polisher for trimming mold lines
Refilling Paint Water Pot:
Green Stuff:
Hand Sized Pin Vice
Drill Bits For Magnets
Cheap Paint Brushes:
High-Quality Sable Paint Brushes:

2 Step Paint Brush Cleaner:
Winsor Newton Cleaner removes dried paint
Jentastic Brush Goop Conditioner after each use:

Airbrushes & Accessories:
H&S Evolution Airbrush (Aluminium)
H&S Evolution Airbrush (Chrome finish)
H&S Colani Airbrush
H&S Ultra Airbrush
Badger Patriot 105
Iwata Eclipse Airbrush
GSI Creos PS770
Sparmax Compressor
Tooty No-Name Compressor
Aspire Compressor
Vallejo Airbrush Flow Improver
Vallejo Airbrush Thinner
Iwata Airbrush Lube
Grex Airbrush Cleaner
Goose Neck Bottle for Cleaning AB:

Figure Storage:
Collapsible Tournament Push Cart
Clear Case For Miniatures 15″x 17″, 6″ Tall
Project Cart With 6 Cases for Miniatures 12″x12″ 2″-1/2″
Steel Sheet (For Clear Cases)
3M Double Sided Mounted Table (For Steel Sheets)
10 Adhesive Magnetic Sheets 8.5″ x 11″ 20 mil Magnet Peel & Stick
Sterlite Bins x12
Hobby Bags

For Titanicus:

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