Become a BETTER SINGER INSTANTLY using this method (Subliminal Affirmations)


Here you guys go another video this time it’s a vocal enhancement subliminal enjoy!
DISCLAIMER: This doesn’t work instantly it’s a twice or four times a day thing you could star to see results in 1 week to 2 months.

Subliminal FAQ:
Can i sleep while listening? Yes, make sure its with headphones not earbuds they fall out to easily.
Does it work? Yes, i use it personally to learn more skills.
How many times do I have to listen to it? I recommend at least 3 times through out the day combined with a booster beforehand.
Do i need to know full English?No, i use a very basic vocabulary in my affirmations.
How does it work? Well the affirmations go into your subconscious making changes to your abilities, skills, body and/or mind.
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