Alterola Earbud Review


I purchased these for exercise more than anything else. These buds are very small but they have a really big sound. The microphone is quite good–in the video I record the first part using the microphone on the ear buds. There is a huge difference in quality between the ear bud mic & my MacBook Air–but there is also about a $1700.00 price difference too!

You get a charging case capable of bringing the buds back to full-charge four times, the buds themselves which have about a six hour battery life, three sets of ear grommets to insure good fit in the ear canal and a 32 inch long USB X MicroUSB charging cable. Be sure to register these online to get the one year full replacement warranty!

Watch the video. It pretty much answers all the questions! These are $49.99 on Amazon [

For the price, these are very nice!