2 Travel Headphones for Airplane (Mixcder Review)


Review of wireless active noise cancelling headphone Mixcder E9 –
Today I am reviewing two types of headphones for airline travel – the wireless active noise cancelling headphone Mixcder E9 as well as another less expensive brand. You will see me touch these headphones, test their quality and see if they meet your airplane travel requirements.
I have been wanting some over the ear headphones in addition to my ear buds and bought this pair right before being gifted these from MixCder noise canceling headphones. I will have a discount code if you use their site to buy them. I get nothing from them; I only got the headphones for free. I will say that if you prefer Amazon, they are considered an Amazon Choice pair of headphones, but you may pay more on Amazon than their site.
Comfort is key to me, and these have a very comfortable and soft, rotatable ear piece. There are no parts that will pick at your hair. Very smooth weighted high-quality feel.
These headphones are Bluetooth so they can be wireless or wired, making it convenient on the airplane if you want to plug them into the airplane’s older jack entertainment system. If your plane is even older and uses the two-pronged outlet, they have included this plug for your convenience. #travelheadphones #commutingessential #Sony #traveltips

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